22 Best Disney Animated Movies and Short Films

When we think about cartoons we automatically think about Disney, the biggest cartoonist that ever lived, who made cartoons that always will remain in our minds and souls. But like any other brand/trust, Disney made several hundred cartoons (animated movies and short films) and of course some of them are better than others. These are the best cartoons made by Walt Disney:


22. Peter Pan (1953)

Fantastic adventures await Wendy and her brothers when Peter Pan, the hero of their stories, takes them to the magical Neverland. After following Peter Pan and his companion and friend, Tinker Bell, passing “Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning”, they explore the island and Peter’s secret hiding place, along with the Lost Boys, then fight with the famous Captain Hook. This is a Disney cartoon that fascinates not only kids but also grown-ups. Very pleasant to watch.


21. Alice in Wonderland (1951)


Based on a novel by Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland is another extraordinary animated movie made by Walt Disney.

Alice dreams of a world of her own, where everything is backward. The child falls victim to her curiosity and follows the White Rabbit. When she arrives in Wonderland, she notices that everything is the opposite of how it should be.


20. Goofy Animated Series (1939 – 1965)


The character’s first appearance was in Mickey’s Revue, released on May 25, 1932. Goofy was initially called Dippy Dawg (as artist Frank Webb wanted) and was an irritating spectator for Mickey and his band, who always show off. He annoyed Mickey and his friends because he was making noises by chewing peanuts. Compared to his next appearances, in this cartoon, Goofy is an old dog with glasses, with a beard, a fluffy tail and no pants. Only in the seventh appearance of the character, in Orphan’s Benefit, he receives the official name “Goofy” and becomes a regular character.

From 1935 to 1940 Goofy appears in a series of films as part of the trio “Mickey, Donald, and Goofy”. The first shot film in which Goofy is the only star is “Goofy and Wilbur”, directed by Dick Huemer and launched on March 17, 1939. In this cartoon, Goofy goes fishing and is assisted by Wilbur, his company cricket.

Since then, the cartoons “How to …” have become a kind of fixed format, in which Goofy demonstrates with no skills at all, but with determination and without frustration, how to perform a lot of activities, from skiing to sleeping, to playing football and horseback riding.

Since the 1950s, the character of Goofy suffered quite big changes. He was transformed into a family man living in a suburb. He faces many common problems, such as diet, smoking and raising children. Walt Disney came up with this idea himself, hoping that it would give the character a new personality after he considered him lost as a result of his “third wheel” appearances.


19. Dumbo (1941)

A charming, very inventive, humorous animated film with a special soundtrack. The characters are sweet, and the elephant Dumbo is very friendly in his candor. The cartoons confirm the ordinary artistic qualities of Disney. The film inspires a good mood and opens children’s imagination which makes it worth watching.

Coming back to the film, the animated movie impresses the little ones with the story, through the special soundtrack but especially through the characters, especially Dumbo, who has enjoyed generations of children and opened their imagination to unknown horizons. … I liked it a lot, remembering my childhood, and that’s why I consider it a movie for all ages.


18. The Fox and the Hound (1981)


A beautiful cartoon, which can be viewed by both children and adults. It is a very deep and dramatic story of friendship and affection, loyalty and revenge, an internal struggle with himself. This is a story about making important decisions and taking responsibility for the actions.

A fox cub (Tod) and a hunting dog (Copper) become best friends after the fox’s mother is killed by a hunter. But Copper’s owner, Amos Slade, wants to kill Tod and will do anything to reach his goal. When Tod and Copper grow up, they realize the reality: Copper is a hunting dog, and Tod is his prey. Will the two manage to maintain their friendship despite the unwritten laws of nature?


17. Cinderella (1950)

Disney tells the story of the most beloved story for children in history, Cinderella.

All alone in the world, after her mother died, and her father remarried a woman who also had two daughters, Cinderella becomes the servant in her own home and her beauty is hidden under her rugged clothes. But love reaches her when the evening of the town ball arrives. She is unable to go because of her sisters, who prevent her from going to the ball because they were complexed by her beauty. But a fairy cames to help her and everything changes for that evening.


16. The Aristocats (1970)

In the heart of Paris, an eccentric millionaire and very good at heart, leaves the entire fortune, to her cat (Duchess) and her three kittens. There are all kinds of adventures and lots of laughter, as the greedy butler sets up the ultimate cat abduction plan, so he will remain the only heir. The only ones who can save the Duchess and her kittens are the fearless Thomas O’Malley and his jazz-loving cat band.

The cartoon has action, adventures, it has a very good soundtrack, funny and adorable cats everywhere, and the story is very beautiful and full of suspense…… You should see this animation movie at least once in your lifetime.


15. Pluto animated series (1930 – 1953)


Pluto made its debut in animated short films and appeared in 24 cartoons of the Mickey Mouse series before receiving its own series in 1937. However, it appeared in 89 films from 1930 to 1953. Many of them were nominated for an Oscar, including The Pointer (1939), Squatter’s Rights (1946), Pluto’s Blue Note (1947), and Mickey and the Seal (1948). Lend a Paw (1941), won an Oscar in 1942. Because Pluto does not speak, his films generally focus on physical humor. Thus Pluto was made a pioneering figure in animation, expressing his personality through animation and not through dialogue.

The first episode with Pluto was The Chain Gang created in 1930, and the last episode with him as the main character was The Simple Things created in 1953.


14. Sleeping Beauty (1959)

In 1959, “The Sleeping Beauty” becomes the second most successful movie in history, after the historical movie “Ben-Hur”. In addition to its success, it remains one of the best animation movies in history made by Walt Disney.

The animated movie is about a witch who casts a curse on a princess. The curse can only be removed by a prince, with the help of three good fairies.


13. Robin Hood (1973)

The brave Robin Hood, along with his trusted friend, Little John, and his devoted gang of brave and cheerful friends, puts together all sorts of funny and daring deeds to defeat the greedy Prince John and to bring happiness to the inhabitants of Sherwood Forest.


12. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Snow White is a princess whose stepmother wants to hurt her because she envies her for her beauty. Forced to run away from home to escape with her life, the princess arrives in the forest at the house of the 7 Dwarves. Once she gets here, she takes refuge in their home and becomes friends with them. The evil queen finds out that the princess is still alive and makes plans to get rid of her. When the successful plan of the queen is fulfilled, a young prince appears to save her.


11. Bambi (1942)

An extraordinary movie to watch, that is much more than an animation! It is a film about friendship, in which the human is presented as he is: the destructive being, who cares about nothing but himself! And Bambi will remain for a long time a symbol of friendship, sincerity, kindness, but also naivety. You don’t even think that it’s a film made in 1942, because it exceeds many of the productions cast today. It deserves to be seen once in a lifetime, at least!


10. The Lion King (1994)

A great film about pride and family in the animal world that can be transposed very well into the real world. A true Walt Disney masterpiece. An exceptional film, a perfect distribution, a great soundtrack.

It is one of the best cartoon films ever made. Besides the interesting and cleverly constructed theme of the movie, it also has an educational role. And the way the characters are created is just perfect.


9. Chip & Dale (1943 – 1956)


Chip and Dale are two squirrel cartoon characters, created by Walt Disney in 1943. Their names are a wordplay based on the famous 18th-century furniture designer Thomas Chippendale. Of the two, Chip is the most focused, confident and with a schematic logic. Dale, on the other hand, is more stupid, distraught and impulsive, and also has a great sense of humor.

Chip and Dale have played in their show for 23 episodes. The first in 1943 called “Private Pluto” and the last, “Chips Ahoy” in 1956.


8. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

A classic story in which love always finds a way to slip into the hearts of those who do not expect it. A cartoon, which it`s main purpose is to be educational.

The “Beauty” is a girl who’s unhappy with her life and the fact she is living in a provincial town in France. The beast is a prince transformed into a creepy beast by a spell because he had no empathy. The destinies of the two meet. To break the spell, the Beast has to win the love of the beautiful girl, otherwise, he risks to remain a beast forever.


7. One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

The dreadful Cruella de Vil is determined to revolutionize the clothing industry by making clothes from the skin of poor Dalmatian puppies. After the 15 puppies of the Dalmatian Pongo and Perdita disappear, it starts an important mission of rescuing the little ones before the evil Cruella does them any harm.


6. The Little Mermaid (1989)

A story with slight changes in Hans Christian Andersen’s masterpiece, the animated film “The Little Mermaid” presents the story of the beautiful mermaid Ariel (the daughter of King Triton) who dreams of becoming a human, after falling in love with a young prince.

A charming animated fantasy that has delighted several generations, shining through the touching story, through creativity, landscapes, and cheerful music. The Little Mermaid Ariel becomes one of the most beloved characters in animated films for her rebellious style and determination to achieve her dreams, even if, fate seemed to be against her.


5. The Jungle Book (1967)

The fact that it is the last animated project that Walt Disney himself got involved, makes of this masterpiece, one of the most important animated films in history. Coming after a golden period of 20 years, (during which the Walt Disney studios produced 10 great successes that later became classics), being such a successful film means a lot for the studio and also for Walt Disney. A failure suffered by The Jungle Book would have led to the closure of the animation section of the respective studios and this was a huge pressure for everyone. But the extraordinary result, far beyond expectations, has changed destinies and even the cinematography itself.

The Jungle Book is a brilliant adaptation by Rudyard Kipling. Mowgli, the cute little boy raised by wolves becomes friends with the bear Baloo and Bagheera (the panther). Mowgli and his new friends will pass through many adventures, each of them more exciting than the other.


4. Lady and the Tramp (1955)

An animated film that presents a wonderful love story between two characters. Lady, a beautiful golden cocker spaniel, and Tramp, a stray dog. The love story intersects with moments of action and suspense, which give a special flavor to the film. A cartoon for kids but also for adults.


3. Donald Duck (1934 – present)


In most of the cartoons, Donald wants to have a time of relaxation and quiet, until something comes up and ruins his day. His temper causes him a lot of suffering, and most of the time he even loses competitions because of it. Sometimes he struggles to maintain his temper and even succeeds, only to return to his initial state at the end. Sometimes his temper helps him and has its benefits. For example, when he is intimidated by Pete, his fear turns into anger and so he can defeat ghosts, sharks, black goats and other forces of nature. Donald can also be a prankster and can be considered a bully when it comes to his nephews and Chip and Dale.

Donald Duck appeared in 175 short films between 1943 and 2020.


2. Aladdin (1992)

Along with Ali-Baba, Aladin represents the best known oriental story, a true battle between the forces of good and evil! This story is one of the most beautiful that animated cinematography gave us. It is a truly Disney masterpiece.

The way they shaped the storyline is sensational. I highly recommend it to everybody. It is among the few productions where the “musical” part does not last very long and does not affect the brilliance of the film.


1. Pinocchio (1940)

Pinocchio is Disney’s most innovative and important film. Technical virtuosity would mean nothing if it did not produce such a beautiful result, said Leonard Maltin in 1973 (The Disney Films).

Pinocchio is an animated film released on February 7, 1940, in the United States, produced by Walt Disney and directed by Ben Sharpsteen and Hamilton Luske. It is the second movie of the Disney animated film series, which began in 1937 with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the classic animated movie with the highest-grossing of all time. It is based on the story of the Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.


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