Christmas Horror Movies to Watch These Holidays

Christmas Horror Movies to Watch These Holidays

These are 9 of the best Christmas-themed Horror movies to watch these holidays. We didn’t choose to add only pure horror movies in this list but also some black comedy movies where the action takes place in the Christmas day, or around Christmas. So, in this list, you will find pure evil and pure horror, and also movies that will make you laugh.

The following Christmas horror movies are found in the list:

A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

A Christmas Horror Story - 2015

Practically this Christmas-themed horror movie is a legend about Krampus. The movie shows us a different story regarding Santa Claus. In the movie appears a demon (Krampus) who is an evil contestant of Christmas and Santa Claus, who punishes the bad people. You will also see dear old Santa in a unique way as you never saw him before: a well-trained warrior, who starts a war against this anti-Christmas demon and against his elves who were infected and now they are some kind of zombies.

You will see a horror movie, without any holiday spirit, with a lot of blood and with an ending that will make the whole story clear.


Dead Snow (2009)

Dead Snow - 2009

Dead Snow respects all the unwritten rules of a horror flick – young people in the middle of nowhere, the sudden appearance of a creepy character who scares them, and the first victims, of course, are the ones who have sex, so you will not be surprised much. The idea of a black comedy with nazi zombies can be appealing to any fan of the horror genre.

The main characters are seven medical students who just want to spend their holidays in a wooden cabin in the mountains. The students are visited by a strange character who tells them a crazy story about the fact that in the area are some frozen zombies since the 40s. Without really being scared, the young people continue to party until they realize that an army of Nazi zombies is trying to break into the cabin. The fight with the zombie army is spectacular, bloody, and at times hilarious.



Gremlins (1984)

Gremlins 1984

Most people will say that this is, in fact, a comedy, but when you count the number of deaths that occur in this movie, you could say that it is more horror than comedy. If you never saw this epic movie, now is the time.

A charming little town is preparing for Christmas. Billy, a young man receives from his father a special gift, a Mogwai: a small, cute and hairy creature that should not be exposed to strong light, never watered and specially fed after midnight. If the creature is exposed to strong light, it is harmed, if you spill water over it, it multiplies, and if you feed it after midnight, it transforms into a dangerous creature who wants to kill. And of course at least one of these three DON’Ts happens…


Krampus (2015)

Krampus 2015

Krampus is a black comedy about a Christmas demon who wants to destroy Christmas for the kids all over the world, but in this particular story, for Max (Emjay Anthony) and his family.

When the kid summons the most dangerous entity on Christmas day, he and his family will need to work together and to watch each other back so they could make it out alive.


P2 (2007)

P2 - a 2007 Christmas movie

Instead of leaving home like the rest of the employees, Angela, a workaholic woman, wants to finish a contract before Christmas starts. When she gets to the car, the engine doesn’t start, and her phone has no signal.

At this moment, a parking lot guard tries to help her with the car. During the discussion, he invites Angela to have dinner with him in his office, but she refuses. Immediately after the refusal, the woman loses her consciousness, the next thing she realizes is that she is tied to the chair in the guard’s office on the P2 floor. It seems that the invitation offered by him was not optional and that his intentions are much more complex than a simple Christmas dinner. From this moment, realizing the seriousness of the situation, Angela will do her best to escape alive from this underground prison.


Rare Exports – A Christmas Tale (2010)

rare Exports - A Christmas Tale - 2010

Finnish director Jalmari Helander starts from an extremely interesting premise for the movie Rare Exports – A Christmas tale: isn’t the legend of Santa Claus much more complex than it seems at first sight? and people choose whatever they want to think, when in fact the truth about Santa is that he is not quite a jolly old man?

The director builds a dark history of Santa, in this Finnish Christmas tale, making him more dangerous than we all know him.


Santa’s Slay (2005)

Santa's Slay - a 2005 Horror Christmas movie

A very disturbing tale about Santa Claus. This legend says that Santa Claus is, in fact, a demon and he lost a bet in ancient times with an angel, and now he must give toys to all the children in the world. But the bet is now overdue and he started to kill everyone, even the Christmas spirit. Nicholas, a young teenager finds out about this bet and tries to stop the killer Santa Claus by the end of Christmas.


Sint (Saint) (2010)

Sint (or Saint) - A 2010 Christmas Horror Movie

A “different” story about Saint Nicholas. A bishop, that is, in fact, an evil entity that will kill everyone at nighttime, between the 5th-6th of December, when there is a full moon. His reasons are not quite well-known, but the action is terrifying and the special effects are really good. A movie worth watching.


The Children (2008)

The Children - 2008

It’s Christmas, and this year the whole family reunites for spending the Christmas holidays together. Good food, snowball fighting, Christmas carols, and a big Christmas tree, with a large family and many children.

Children enjoy their winter vacation and play all day long. Their parents also enjoy a well-deserved break from work. But when a minor accident occurs and one of the children is beaten up by his father, the children begin to change, to become cold, angry and violent. The children start to attack their parents, hurt them and even kill them. No one knows the cause of their behavior, but the kid’s parents now have to struggle to survive.


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