Video Upload Rules

Video Title and Video Description

– The Video Title must be unique (not copy paste, or the same title found on the video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc..).

– The Video Title should be descriptive (about what is all the video about). The title should NOT have more than 75 characters.

– The Video Description must be unique (not copy paste, or the same description found on the video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc..). The Video Description practically describes (with details) about what is the video about.

– The Video Description should have at least 250 characters.

You can use this “Letter Count” for counting the characters!


Video Type

Video Link

– add your desired video link of your desired video (from Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc..)

Embed Code

– to share with us the embed code, just go to the uploader video page and copy the embed code and paste it here (Examples: Videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc…)

Example of how to find the Embed Codes:



Daily Motion:

Upload File

– If you have an unique video filmed by you (100 MB the maximum file size), attach the file from your computer and send it to us. (mp4 or webm)


Video Tag and Category

The Video Tags are not required, but if you like you can add tags to your video (maximum 3-4 tags). The tags should be separated by commas. Example of video tags: If the video is Game of Thrones related for example, the tags should be: game of thrones, got, game of thrones season3.


Just choose the category that suits to your video.


We recommend you to choose the Small Layout (not full screen but it can be made manually full screen by the viewer). If you choose the Large Layout your video will run by default in full screen. We like to let the viewers to choose their option.


* Upload Guidelines

We reserve the right to change/modify the content/title/description if the rules above are not followed by the uploader.

We will Ban the users who will upload videos that will contain:

Р adult content (explicit porn videos).

– any child porn content or child exploitation. (we will contact the legal authorities in this matter if any user will upload this type of content).

– content that attacks the race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation/gender identity.

– any misleading content