10 of the Best Knockouts Signed Mike Tyson

Published on September 3, 2017 by

A video with 10 of the best knockouts made by Mike Tyson in his career. Re-watching all of these knockouts, I can say that it is a fact that Mike Tyson was the most aggressive boxer at the heavyweight category.

1st Knockout: vs Buster Mathis
2nd Knockout: vs Tillman
3rd Knockout: vs Bruno
4th Knockout: vs Marvis Frazier
5th Knockout: vs Etienne
6th Knockout: vs Williams
7th Knockout: vs Botha
8th Knockout: vs Holmes
9th Knockout: vs Berbick
10th Knockout: vs Spinks


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  • Bozgyr
    Bozgyr 3 years ago

    Mike was a beast, the best boxer of all time


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