Casper the Friendly Ghost – Friday the 13th (1952)

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One of the most recognizable cartoons series of all time: “Casper the Friendly Ghost” released their first episode in the late 40s, but the numerous cartoons appeared in the early 50s for a period of 9 years. (1950-1959). The episode Friday the 13th is all about the believings of real live humans and animals in bad luck and anything that is related to this particular day.

The animated cartoon series “Casper the Friendly Ghost” is produced by Harvey Films (Harvey Comics) and Famous Studios.



  • Bozgyr
    Bozgyr 3 years ago

    cute cartoon… but the ideea of the episode was lame…

    • JohnnyM
      JohnnyM 3 years ago

      it depends… if you were a kid in the 60s the cartoon was awesome, if you are used with pokermons…you will find Casper lame

  • Galea2000 3 years ago

    real cartoons…


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