Famagusta – The Ghost Town – Documentary

Published on July 23, 2017 by

A full video documentary about Famagusta, a city from northern Cyprus, which now has the nickname of the “Ghost Town”. Few foreigners know the story of the beautiful city of Famagusta. The town was the main port of Cyprus, a beautiful town with a lot of tourists, was one of the most beautiful sea-towns from Europe. What happened? Well, the Turks happened.

In 1974 the Turkish army invaded Cyprus and the whole Greek population from Famagusta run away for their lives. The most upsetting thing is that the town, which is now on the northern part of Cyprus (the northern part is held by the Turks), is left empty, and everything looks like in the day of the invasion: The food on the tables, the cars in the same place. At this moment the Turks fenced the town and no-one is allowed to enter the deserted city, and the journalists are banned. The Turkish army also won’t let the tourists take a picture. They take your cameras and delete the pictures… a beautiful city with a great history, destroyed by Turkey…



  • JohnnyM
    JohnnyM 4 years ago

    I’ve been to Famagusta… indeed is a pity what is going on there…

    • Saviour 1 year ago

      You are right
      I’m living at famagusta now and it’s a very bad and ugly city

  • VerbalHurt
    VerbalHurt 4 years ago

    I don’t understand how they destroyed one of the most beautiful turist attractions of the Mediteranean…


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