Man Escapes Unharmed after He was Hit by a Bus

Published on July 5, 2017 by

An insane happening occurred in Reading (United Kingdom) on 27 June 2017.

Simon Smith was walking on the sidewalk after paying a check at the bank, and suddenly a bus hits him. The idea of being hit by a bus has not such low chances for happening, but the idea to escape with your life after you were thrown 42 ft on the asphalt and in the same time your back and head smack the bus windshield… is amazing… long live Simon!



  • Duumi
    Duumi 4 years ago

    anyone has details about what happened to him AFTER? like after a week or so?

    • VerbalHurt
      VerbalHurt 4 years ago

      I saw the guy at the news and in the following days, but after that nothing… maybe dead from internal bleeding, I don’t know how anyone could survive that.


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