Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer – Gameplay and Trailer

Published on July 27, 2017 by

Rage of Mage 2: Necromancer is the second game of the Rage of Mages series made by the Russian gaming company Nival Interactive, released in 1999. Among Diablo 2 it was the greatest RPG game of the 90s. The gameplay is awesome (as you see from the video). The story was great and the plot of the missions was awesome (good old days and good old games).

I remember that you had three main characters to chose to start your campaign: an archer, a knight and a mage (warlock). The game was great to play in the multiplayer mode. Even in our days are still open servers where you can play this game with the real old fans who loved the game.

Here is it’s The Trailer of the Rage of Mages II: Necromancer.


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