Remembering “Can You Quack like a Duck”

Published on August 1, 2017 by

One of the videos that went viral 5 years ago was the “song” if we can call it a song… played by the band: G.O.A.T. AND YOUR M.O.M. The melody has mind-blowing lyrics and was sang by the band at some kind of redneck / hillbilly / white trash concert in 2012. Even the soloist of the band is looking weird. He looks like a combination between Jesus Christ and Captain America.

In the same year the song was added on Youtube and gathered (only this video, around 4,7 million views), but gathering all the copies of the song I am sure that the views are much, much more…



  • VerbalHurt
    VerbalHurt 11 months ago

    it seems that they have the time of their lives…

    • Gabronsta
      Gabronsta 11 months ago

      what you’d expect? this is biggest event from their entire lives

  • Crys
    Crys 11 months ago

    I am blind


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