Woman Arrested After Live-streaming behind the Wheel caused her Sister Death

Published on July 24, 2017 by

The 18 y.o woman Obdulia Sanchez, from Stockton, California, was arrested after she caused an accident that killed her 14 y.o sister which was on the back seat of the car. Maybe she wouldn’t be behind bars today if she didn’t live-streamed on Instagram during the crush and if she wouldn’t be intoxicated. Moreover, as you can see in this video, while she held her dead body sister in her arms, he told on the camera that she doesn’t care if she will go to jail for life that she will understand that, and that she doesn’t care that her sister is dead. Through a video like this, you could spot the inhumanity in a human being.


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  • Vlady
    Vlady 3 years ago

    who wouldn’t love to have a sister like that


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